Website Design

Cognent creates beautiful websites that makes you proud to call your own. At Cognent, we understand the global economy that makes your business successful.


Business Portals

At Cognent we understand that your customers expect an online experience when doing business with you. We deliver a full-suite of online business portals for your business.


Cloud Solutions

Cognent offers hosted Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 on our servers distributed worldwide. We also offer hosted file services and cloud servers.



In order to be successful you need to standout from the crowd. At Cognent we create branding that works in the analog and digital worlds. You can say that we have succesfully crossed the digital divide.


Cognent Service

At Cognent we deliver worldwide solutions but we never forget that each client represents our success. Each client is our number one priority.


Graphic Design

Cognent creates custom animations, graphics and designs each project with love and by hand. Each project we work on is an extension of who we are.


We Are Cognent
Making Digital Successful

At Cognent we create and develop
digital work that is both innovative and measurable. Our digital solutions make your business successful.

  • We Are Cognent
    We Make Digital.

    We Are Cognent
    We Make Digital Solutions

    [C O G N • E N T \ käg­nənt \ n] – At Cognent we are driven by the knowledge of the interplay between humanity and technology. Cognent is a digital media agency. Cognent strives to make you successful by engaging your current and future clients. Engaging your clients through the numerous digital channels, the current and the future ones requires a clear understanding of the human and technology interactions that leads to business success.

    Martín Paredes, the founder of Cognent, has been involved in the Internet industry since 1995, when the Internet was nothing more than a fad. Since then, Cognent has developed a time-tested paradigm in audience engagement through digital media platforms. The paradigm is based on the strategic single-source, one-stop agency that creates content, develops digital platforms and promotes your message across all the online channels.

  • We Are Creative
    We Create Magic.

    We Are Creative
    We Create by Hand

    At Cognent we believe in putting our souls and our love into each of the projects we create. We believe that each project is an extention of our being. We create out of love for what we do.

    Each of the art we create, we create by hand. That means that each video, graphic or photograph is touched by a human hand. It means that we code, by hand, each snipet of code that goes into our projects. At Cognent we are driven by the desire to perfect our tradecraft.

  • We Build Solutions
    Make You Curious?

    We Build The Solutions
    We Build Apps

    At Cognent, we understand that pretty isn't everything. At Cognent we make beautiful things that work. That means that the code driving your project works no matter who is viewing it on whatever technology they like.

    Our custom-built Amitor® platform delivers an integrated business platform for your business giving you the lead against your competitors.

Our Expertise
makes you wonder what you ever did without us...

The CREATE • DEVELOP • PROMOTE Paradigm: Today’s engaged audience requires someone to CREATE the appropriate digital content, someone to DEVELOP the platform to deliver the message and someone to PROMOTE the message through the digital channels that ensures the success of the brand. Cognent has perfected the create • develop • promote paradigm.

The Cognent “e”: The “e” prefix in online parlance stands for the word electronic. It is used to describe the word it prefixes as an electronic version of a preexisting analog version of that process. For example, e-mail is the digital version of mail. Other e-prefixed words in common vernacular are e-banking, e-books, e-business and e-commerce. From these words evolved others like e-conomy, e-tail and e-trade. For us at Cognent the “e” prefix signifies the transformation from an analog process to a digital one.

Experience 95%

Web & Application Design100%

Custom Programming Solutions90%

Customer Satisfaction95%


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Meet the Cognent Leader
Cognent was founded in 2004

The Cognent team works remotely from various parts of the world, taking the best each has to offer in order to deliver the best project at the best price.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes

Meet Amitor®
Get to know the business portal that will make you succeed.

Amitor® is a free business app that allows you to offer your clients, employees and partners a centralized and always available portal. The free Amitor® platform provides your business with a contact manager, a messaging platform, calendars, file sharing and online payments.

Our founder, Martín Paredes, developed Amitor®. Cognent can customize it for you to make it your own.

What We Do
We Create • Develop • Promote

Our highly skilled professional team
works together with you to deliver a solution that you are proud to call your own.

Website Design
Responsive design

Business Portals
File sharing, contact management and online payments.

Cloud Solutions
Hosted email and Microsoft Office 365

Brand Creation
Custom business graphics

Customer Support
Responsive service

Graphic Design
and personalized photography and videos

Cognent Offers
Comprehensive Service

Cognent believes that the only way to succeed is to make our clients succeed. Your success is our success.

Cognent develops custom native Apple iOS applications.

Cognent develops custom web applications to suit your every need.

Technology changes in the blink of an eye. You need a comprehensive team ready to take you to the next level.

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