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Why choose Us.

[C O G N • E N T \ käg­nənt \ n] – At Cognent we are driven by the knowledge of the interplay between humanity and technology. Over our 30+ years of working for our clients we have come to learn that technology, and now social media is evolving at a rapid pace. Throughout it all we have come to understand that start-ups must compete with the established companies while keeping an eye on how they spend their funds.

Our Mission.

Cognent’s mission is to level the playing field between the startups and established companies by providing the branding and technology needed to compete at a price point friendly to startups. Competitive pricing doesn’t mean half-measures. Competitive pricing means filling the void between the mom-and-pop businesses and the established companies that can afford more.

How We Do It.

At Cognent we build branding - your corporate identity - to allow you, the startup, to present a professional appearance before clients and investors while you concentrate on building the product and service that will make you successful. Branding without professional technology isn’t enough in today’s high-paced digital environment. To that end we offer the technology package you need for success.

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