Cognent Services

[C O G N • E N T \ käg­nənt \ n] – At Cognent we are driven by the knowledge of the interplay between humanity and technology. Cognent has developed a time-tested paradigm in audience engagement through digital media platforms & technology. The paradigm is based on the strategic single-source, one-stop agency that creates content, develops digital platforms and promotes your message across all the online channels.
Hand-crafted web design

Web Design

We have been handcrafting websites since 1995.

Web Maintenance

Web Maintenance

Things change. Your website should reflect that change.

Cloud and web servers

Web Hosting

Our web hosting and cloud servers outperform.

Full-service email solutions

Hosted Email

We offer full service email solutions from individual boxes to newsletters.

Office 365

Hosted Microsoft 365®

We offer a fully integrated Microsoft® Office 365 solution.

VoIP Solutions

Hosted VoIP

We offer a one-stop integrated communications package.

We make Apps

Custom App Development

We make Apps work for you.

Make the next Social

Social Media Engine

Want the make the next big social media App? Our exclusive social engine can make it happen.

Election software

Election Software

Need a political platform for advocacy and voter engagement? We have the platform for success.

Call us today at +1.408.520.9500 to get started on your project.

At Cognent we believe in putting our souls and our love into each of the projects we create. We believe that each project is an extension of our being.

We are Cognent.

We make digital work for you. We make technology easy. We make social fun.