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Services Frequently Asked Questions

Cognent Services Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my Email?

Click here to access your email account.

What is the difference between full-service and self-managed service?

Cognent offers two types of serives. The Managed-Service provides you with all the services managed by Cognent engineers who deploy and configure the service for you. Self-managed services are Cognent services wher you are responsbile for configuring and deploying the service.

What are Cognent's Support Options?

Cognent's engineers regularly monitor the status of all services offered by Cognent. Cognent proactively responds to system failures and strives to bring services back online as soon as possible. Should you require support for service changes, please start a service ticket through the Cognent Dashboard. If you do not have access to the Cognent Dashboard, please request access by submitting an access request online. Please note that access to the Cognent Dashbaord is reserved for current Cognent customers.

Do you offer Service Level Agreements?

All Cognent customers enjoy a Service Level Agreement 3 as part of their services. Cognent offer SLAs 1 and 2 for clients needing immediate support. Please contact your Cognent representative for details.

How long are your service contracts?

All Cognent service contracts are month-to-month except for domain name registration which are annual contracts.

How do I access Microsoft® Office 365

Click here and select the "My Services" tab.

cognent payments

Payment Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions about payments for Cognent services.

Where do I make payments?

Credit card payments may be made by clicking here. Payments may be mailed to:
Accounting Department
PO Box 536421
Orlando, FL 32853

What are Cognent's payment terms?

Cognent payment terms for periodic services are NET 10 days. Payment terms for programming or other labor services are billed upon completion of the requested services. Some service requests require a 50% payment upon the request to begin production, with 25% due upon the delivery of a mockup or testing environment and the balance due upon the completion of the project. Payments not received by Cognent on the eleventh day after the invoice is generated are considered past due.

My service was interrupted for non-payment. What do I need to do to restore service?

To restore service, all past due amounts plus any reactivation fees must be paid in full before service can be reactivated.

Can I request refund?

Unfortunately, not. Cognent does not issue full or partial refunds for any reason.

domain names

Domain Name Frequently Asked Questions

Domain name frequently asked questions.

How can I transfer my domain name to another registrar?

To transfer a domain name to another registrar you msut have an active fully signed Domain Name Release form on file with Cognent before you begin the transfer request. To file a form, sign into the Cognent Dashboard to request one.