Cognent Enterprise Solutions

Cognent believes that all information technology users deserve the best technical support possible. Whether your business is a one-man business operation, or you have ten or more employees, your technology needs to work to make you successful. As technology drives business, it is imperative that technology not only works, but that it is fully integrated into all your operations.

As a world-class managed services provider, Cognent offers the same Enterprise technology used by the largest companies at affordable prices that the smallest business owner can afford. At Cognent we believe that technology is a consumable resource that should be easy to keep, maintain and use without the need to have a fully staffed IT department keeping it running for you. At Cognent we share our engineers with a large customer base making our Enterprise solutions efficient and cost-effective for all customers.

Cognent offers all the Enterprise IT that you expect large companies to have.

Cloud Solutions

Voice & Collaboration

Data Sharing & Storage

Data Security