Cognent Web Development

Website Design, Development and Maintenance

We have been creating websites since 1995 and it shows in our experience. Let Cognent hand-craft a new website or update a stale one to the latest technology.

Online Forms

Are you tired of a SPAM filled in box? Let Cognent show you how to get the leads you want from your online forms without all the SPAM.

Tracking Cookies

Did you know that some countries have specific disclosure laws about tracking cookies? You could face substantial fines if you are not careful. Cognent takes the guess work out of cookie disclosures.

Regulatory Disclosures

Your website is an extension of your business. Like any business you have to meet certain regulations. Cognent helps you with meeting regulatory disclosures to help keep you out of trouble.

Text Your Clients

Online marketing via newsletters is old school. Let Cognent show you how to market directly to mobile phones.